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If you are a precautious person you might purchase travel insurance before going on an international trip. If you do purchase travel insurance, you are also likely to see the importance of likewise installing all necessary safety measures in your home. If you are one of these precautious people then you are wisely operating under the ‘better safe than sorry’ logic.

After all, the one time you don’t have travel insurance will be the time you miss your flight or your luggage is lost. We see this happen with home security and safety as well. As home security experts, we can confidently tell you it is most certainly ‘better safe than sorry’.

It only takes one fire, one incident where you, or your family member, can’t safely exit your home for you to lose a loved one.


A mom with her 3 children watching their house on fire.


Read the five benefits of our Safe-S-Capes and let us know what you think.

To ensure households have a safe exit option, Davcon provides quick-release security windows called Safe-S-Capes. Looking for a way to make your home safer?



Safe-S-Capes are designed as simply as possible. Our quick-release opening system involves just one touch and a pull-release feature, it is designed to be operated by children as young as three.

The Safe-S-Cape windows can be easily located by all family members as they have fluorescent stickers to distinguish them from your other windows. The fluorescent stickers also ensure the safety latch can be easily operated in the dark. The last thing you want is to be fiddling with a complicated window system in a time of crisis. That is why the simple design of Safe-S-Capes is the number one benefit.

In an emergency, Safe-S-Capes allow you to quickly locate your exit and use it with ease.


Safe Scapes installation



Due to the simple design of the Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes, in times of crisis, you and your family will be able to quickly and effortlessly exit your home via the Safe-S-Cape emergency window.

During a house fire, for example, it only takes 10-15 minutes of smoke inhalation for adults, and less time for children and pets, to receive permanent brain damage. Therefore, speed is crucial when developing an exit strategy for your family in an event of a fire. The Safe-S-Capes are a fast, easy method to exit your home during a crisis.




Safe-S-Capes feature a keyless locking system that can be quickly opened from the inside, allowing for a quick emergency exit on any window. While a Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape window makes it easy to exit your home, it still has all of the same high-quality security features as other Crimsafe products. These features protect your home from external threats while making it simple and safe to escape your home in the event of a catastrophe.

In fact, Crimsafe themselves have stated on their website that, “Safe-S-Capes® are just as secure and hard to penetrate as all our other products, featuring Tensile-Tuff mesh®, Screw-Clamp technology and an “anti-jemmy” design that protects the lock.

Crimsafe S Capes



Our Safe-S-Cape security screens can be customised to fit any type or shape window. We can even fit them to swing either outward or inward and will fit single, double or even triple sliding windows.  The Safe-S-Cape security screens are available in a wide range of colours, as seen below.

Safe-S-Cape security screens custom Colours

You have the choice of fit, the choice of colour and of course the choice of design. There are two designs available for the Safe-S-Capes, either hinged or sliding.


hinge Safe-S-Cape security screensCrimsafe hinged window security screens are hinged along their sides or top to swing outward or inward. The in-swinging Safe-S-Capes are installed on the inside of buildings. This type of Safe-S-Cape has a full-length hinge and locking stile that, when lightly pressed, releases along its entire length.

Out-swinging Safe-S-Capes are more versatile as they can be integrated with the sliding windows, or face-fixed to louvres and double hung windows.


Sliding Safe-S-Cape security screensSliding Safe-S-Capes can come as either single, double or triple sliding systems, depending on your current window. They can also be installed on the inside or outside of sliding windows.

  • Single sliding Safe-S-Capes are ideal for tight window fittings, which is usually where separate window tracks can’t be fitted. Single sliding systems are also best for servery windows where you need to reach an outdoor entertaining area easily.
  • Double and triple-sliding Safe-S-Capes are a system of two or three sliding panels that slide within two tracks. It is important to note that, when closed the two or three overlapping Crimsafe panels reinforce each other via an interlock. This forms a strong and secure barrier, which allows the Safe-S-Cape window to be ‘Crim-safe’. For more information, the Crimsafe website has an in-depth explanation of the different sliding Safe-S-Capes design options.



When considering the installation Safe-S-Cape security window screens, our security experts will guide you on how many safety escape screens you should install in your home and the ideal places to install them.

Additionally, upon installation of your Safe-S-Capes, our security consultants will advise you on how to draw up a suitable fire and emergency exit plan for your family in times of crisis.

Safe-S-Cape security screens installation by Davcon



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