Crimsafe security door and window screens are crafted from the highest quality materials, making it super easy to care for and clean. All you have to do is clean Crimsafeat recommended intervals to ensure it retains its good looks. To maintain your rights under your Crimsafe warranty, ensure you clean your Crimsafe products properly and regularly, as outlined below.

Why you should clean your Crimsafe products

Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff® mesh is made from 0.9mm 304 grade stainless steel mesh and is surrounded by architectural gradealuminium framing. The mesh on Crimsafe doors and windows is also highly corrosion and rust resistant. In addition, it is coated with a special high-quality powder coatingto repel dust and airborne impurities, prevent fading and provide further protection.

Since all mesh can trap airborne dirt and impurities over time, it is important to wash your Crimsafe security products regularly. Moisture, salt and dirt trapped in the mesh may oxidise, and can result in reddish marks on the mesh, or a build-up of fluffy white residue if there is excessive salt in the air. To avoid staining, these impurities need to be removed regularly.

Get the most out of your investment by caring for your Crimsafe products!

Regular maintenance of your Crimsafe products involves washing down the frames and mesh with a wash and wax product, preferably Crimsafe Wash and Wax, mixed in a bucket of warm water and using a soft bristle brush or a handy cleaning glove to dislodge dirt and grime. Follow with a clean water rinse.

Davcon offers a free bottle of CrimsafeWash and Wax with every installation! Davcon also sells Ha-Ra gloves, which are super handy, easy-to-use gloves covered in microfiber cloth to remove stubborn dirt while protecting your hands.

How often should you clean your Crimsafe products?

Use this table as a guide to how frequently you should clean your Crimsafe product.

Environment Description Cleaning Interval
Mild More than 10km from beachfront or sheltered bay Every 6 months
Moderate 1 km to 10 km from beachfront or sheltered bay 2 to 3 months
Marine 500m to 1 km from beachfront or 100m to 1 km from sheltered bay 2 to 4 weeks
Severe Marine Within 500m of beachfront or within 100m of sheltered bay 1 to 2 weeks
Notes: 1. Beachfront refers to breaking surf causing airborne moisture

2. Sheltered bay refers to calm salt waters not experiencing surf conditions

3. Fresh water lakes are not considered high risk areas

4. Heavy industrial areas can be considered marine environments

5. The recommended maintenance intervals provided here are for general guidance only. Some installations may require extra maintenance due to local environmental conditions.

1 to 2 weeks

Remember: failure to regularly clean your Crimsafe product will void your Crimsafe product warranty so keep your Crimsafe screens proudly clean!

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