Crimsafe security screen windows to protecting a child from falling

We all know that kids will be kids. It’s natural for children to explore and experiment as they grow, develop and learn. As a parent, protecting your children from harm is your greatest responsibility but it can also be your greatest challenge. While it’s impossible to protect your children 24/7, there are some risks you… Continue reading

Crimsafe security screens

It’s no secret that Crimsafe security screens are an expensive product. But like anything, when you’re paying a premium, you’re also going to be expecting the most bang for your buck. And with Crimsafe, you’re getting it!   Why Crimsafe? Learn why Crimsafe is a premium product and why it’s worth the investment. Crimsafe uses… Continue reading

Home security is important. Everyone knows this. And as time goes on and you start a family, acquire more valuable assets and settle into your home, you need to focus even more on keeping your family safe and comfortable.  Creating a safe home gives you and your family peace of mind so that when you’re… Continue reading

Are you tired (quite literally) of having interrupted sleep because you’re worried about the security of your home and the safety of your family? Whether you’re in the process of building your own home or you’ve been wanting to upgrade your home security for a while, choosing the best home security screens is not an… Continue reading

Crimsafe Ultimate windows

Buying security screens for your home can be tough. Between types of security, brands and price, the choices can be overwhelming. We know that Crimsafe isn’t the cheapest option on the market. So we expect a lot of our customers will explore alternative door and window screening options that might save them some money. That’s… Continue reading

Crimsafe Ultimate French Doors in White - Davcon Installation

  When it comes to your home, aesthetics and security can be equally as important. As a homeowner, you’ll know that sometimes you need to make a choice between the two. But sometimes you don’t have to.  French doors can look fantastic on your home, but are often known as a security weak point in… Continue reading

Crimsafe and Pet Doors

  If you’re wondering “can I install a dog door in my Crimsafe”, you’re not alone. We get asked this question everyday! And the short answer is yes! But… Before you install a pet door in your Crimsafe product you need to know: Pet doors are not endorsed by Crismafe Once you alter the security… Continue reading

Yes, unfortunately it is known that intruders are more likely to strike twice. Research into home invasions and burglaries consistently indicates that past victimisation is one of the best predictors of future risk. Although it is difficult to put exact figures on these risks, it is estimated that 50% of homes are targeted at least… Continue reading

How Crimsafe weathers the weather is the second installment of the two part series “How Crimsafe works for you!” A series that breaks down the safety and weather resistant features of Crimsafe security screens, detailing the extra mile that Crimsafe goes when designing their signature security screens. If you missed the first part How is… Continue reading

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