Man confused by Crimsafe quotes but will choose Davcon

When you’re getting quotes for Crimsafe to be installed in your home, it makes sense to get quotes from a range of suppliers to get the best price – because Crimsafe is all the same product, right? Well, not quite… While the Crimsafe screens are tailor made for each home and the quality of the… Continue reading

Burglar in black hoodie and a ski mask breaking into a home by a window with a crowbar

Out of Australia’s capital cities, Brisbane is most commonly thought of as the one that’s most relaxed and safer than New South Wales and Victoria counterparts. We’re not here to scare anyone, but it’s always good to know certain facts about your city and what goes on there. We’re all about being alert – not… Continue reading

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to install Crimsafe security screens. You’ve made a good investment for your home and opted for the best security products on the market – stringent safety standards tests have proved that Crimsafe can withstand massive impacts. It’s a wonderful feeling leaving your home in the morning and going to bed… Continue reading

Protecting your home during your vacation.

The summer holidays are meant to be one of the most relaxing times of the year. You may be getting some well-earned time off work to relax with your family or friends and just not stress about anything for a little while.  And one of the perks of this time off – is that you… Continue reading

At Davcon, we’re sticklers for safety – and that’s why we’re always checking out the market to see what other security products are available. We know that as long as there’s Crimsafe, there are going to be Crimsafe competitors. And that’s ok. Because it means that Crimsafe will continue to test and create the best… Continue reading

Crimsafe NSW Crimsafe

If you’ve had a look at what Crimsafe costs, and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Crimsafe isn’t cheap. But, as the toughest security screen on the Australian market and custom-made to order, you can understand its value.   Crimsafe is a premium home security product that’s the toughest in Australia, using structural grade… Continue reading

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