Keep your home safe during brisbane storms with Crimsafe

In South East Queensland, the start of summer is best known for one thing – storm season. To other Australians, storm seasons can sound scary, but it’s just another part of life for us Queenslanders. And we know how to prepare when those dark clouds come rolling in. The damage caused by storms can be… Continue reading

Crimsafe security screen windows to protecting a child from falling

We all know that kids will be kids. It’s natural for children to explore and experiment as they grow, develop and learn.As a parent, protecting your children from harm is your greatest responsibility but it can also be your greatest challenge.While it’s impossible to protect your children 24/7, there are some risks you can minimise… Continue reading

Second-hand Crimsafe on Marketplace - Davcon security screens

Home improvements can be pricey. And home security upgrades can be some of the most expensive! And it’s not because home security companies know that you’ll pay anything to keep your family safe – it’s because a lot goes into the highest quality products and they are expensive to design and build. In the case… Continue reading

happy family working from home in the louge room with family dog

We’ve been asked this question a few times in the last few months. “If I’m working from home, why would I need to install Crimsafe security screens?” And it’s a fair question. We’ve established in a recent blog, Confessions from a Burglar, that most home burglaries are opportunistic. So if there’s a TV on and… Continue reading

Welcome to Queensland: land of the ‘patios’. Picture yourself: kicking back on a Friday afternoon with your feet up, sipping an ice-cold beverage Hosting weekend brunches surrounded by family and friends and your favourite food (You know there’s no better combination!) Enjoying some much-needed ‘me time’ swallowed by a hammock, with a book that’s been… Continue reading

Crimsafe bifold door with one panel open

The short answer is, no, not really. This is a question that we get asked a lot here at Davcon Security Screens. And it’s a valid question. While safety and home protection is imperative to your home and family, and likely to be the key reason you’re looking at Crimsafe security screens, it doesn’t mean… Continue reading

keep your home safe during winter

Winter is the perfect excuse to rug up in front of the television, eat your weight in KitKats and binge on Netflix, just because you can, right?! Unfortunately, winter also provides some good conditions for burglars to strike. It’s getting darker earlier and people can become complacent as they’re often home. As well as a… Continue reading

Man confused by Crimsafe quotes but will choose Davcon

When you’re getting quotes for Crimsafe to be installed in your home, it makes sense to get quotes from a range of suppliers to get the best price – because Crimsafe is all the same product, right? Well, not quite… While the Crimsafe screens are tailor made for each home and the quality of the… Continue reading

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