Burglar in black hoodie climbing into an unsecured window in home

Brisbane is considered the safest major city to in live in Australia on the east coast. In comparison to Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane has consistently lower crime rates. However, because Brisbane is becoming more populated and opportunities for career and education growth continue, the crime rate in Brisbane is increasing at a faster rate than… Continue reading

toddler leaning on a window

We all know that kids will be kids. It’s natural for children to explore and experiment as they grow, develop and learn.As a parent, protecting your children from harm is your greatest responsibility but it can also be your greatest challenge.While it’s impossible to protect your children 24/7, there are some risks you can minimise… Continue reading

Welcome to Australia: land of the ‘patios’. Picture yourself: kicking back on a Friday afternoon with your feet up, sipping an ice-cold beverage Hosting weekend brunches surrounded by family and friends and your favourite food (You know there’s no better combination!) Enjoying some much-needed ‘me time’ swallowed by a hammock, with a book that’s been… Continue reading

Be Crimsafe this Christmas

It’s almost Christmas! ‘Tis the season to relax, enjoy heading out to parties with your family and friends, and maybe even take a trip away from the ‘everyday’. Unfortunately, the silly season is also prime time for home burglaries. In fact, Police say January is the worst month for break-ins with burglars pocketing almost $100… Continue reading

Davcon home security tips infographics

A basic human need is shelter, and our basic desire is to feel safe and secure in our own home. However, it would surprise you how many households don’t follow basic home security, such as locking doors and windows. Unfortunately for those forgetful people, studies have shown that only 1/5th of burglaries have been pre-planned*,… Continue reading

Security dog vs guard dog - Crimsafe security screens

Security doors versus guard dogs, which works better to protect your home? We are here to shed some light on this question that’s pondered by many. Should you own a big scary dog or get security doors installed? Let’s start with acknowledging that there are some people who don’t like to invest much into their… Continue reading

Crimsafe ultimate sliding door security screens

Davcon Security Screens are proud installers of Crimsafe products. Crimsafe is the leading Australian designer of security screens. Crimsafe products have been trialed, tested and proven to be high quality, reliable and affordable. The two most popular Crimsafe ranges are Crimsafe Regular and Crimsafe Ultimate. Simply put, Crimsafe Ultimate can be thought of as the… Continue reading

low level home with Crimsafe security screens installed

Are you thinking about having security doors installed? Maybe you are unsure which types are available, or what would best suit your home? Well, we have compiled some tips and things to consider when thinking about or deciding what security door to choose for your home.   Area of your house Some people see the… Continue reading

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