Did you know that there are three separate Crimsafe ranges?  When Crimsafe launched back in 1996, their goal was to develop a solution to unsightly bars and grilles on homes and businesses for security. With advice from the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association, Crimsafe Regular was born.  Crimsafe Regular featured a high tensile stainless steel… Continue reading

We’re living in a scary time. We hear all the time about how a normal lifestyle can contribute massively towards global warming and climate change. But there is so much that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and one of the best things you can do is reduce your energy usage.  Living in… Continue reading

Home security is important. Everyone knows this. And as time goes on and you start a family, acquire more valuable assets and settle in your home, you need to focus even more on keeping your family safe and comfortable.  Creating a safe home gives you and your family peace of mind so that when you’re… Continue reading

  If you live in Australia, chances are you’ve had some type of mesh or fly screen on your windows and doors in the past. Which also means you know the awful task that comes along with cleaning them!  Throwing some dishwashing liquid on the door and hitting it with the hose has always been… Continue reading

Needing to evacuate your home and family in case of emergency is a scary thought that no one wants to dwell on. You may think “it’ll never happen to me”, and we hope that it doesn’t! But that doesn’t mean that it won’t. In case of a fire, electrical storm, cyclone or even a home… Continue reading

Burglar in black hoodie and a ski mask breaking into a home by a window with a crowbar

  Nothing good comes from having your home broken into. Not only does it mean you need to make some big purchases to replace what’s been taken, fixing damages and spending time on the phone to insurance companies. But it’s also scary for your family. What if you’d been home at the time? What if… Continue reading

Crimsafe's patented anti-theft lock system

We’re proud to announce that the brand new Crimsafe iQ Range is in stock! We have the iQ-e in the showroom right now, ready for you to check out and to protect your home and family. Crimsafe iQ features the latest in safety technology and is the toughest range yet. When it comes to safety,… Continue reading

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