low level home with Crimsafe security screens installed

Are you thinking about having security doors installed? Maybe you are unsure which types are available, or what would best suit your home? Well, we have compiled some tips and things to consider when thinking about or deciding what security door to choose for your home.   Area of your house Some people see the… Continue reading

Benefits of Adding Window Security Screens There’s never such a thing as foolproof safety from burglary unless you live inside Fort Knox but there are ways that you can better protect your home from intruders. Window security screens are the best line of defence and they can be customized to fit your home’s décor. When… Continue reading

Everyone is aware of the importance of installing high quality, durable security products, such as Crimsafe security screens, on the doors and windows of their homes. Naturally, the larger windows and doors – front door, back door and sliding doors – get the most attention, as without solid security screens it would be a cinch… Continue reading

How To Prepare For Crimsafe Installation? - Crimsafe Price - Davcon Security

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to install Crimsafe security screens. You’ve made a good investment for your home and opted for the best security products on the market – stringent safety standards tests have proved that Crimsafe can withstand massive impacts. It’s a wonderful feeling leaving your home in the morning and going to bed… Continue reading

What is a tax invoice number? Your tax invoice number is your receipt of purchased goods and record of your installation. Prior to your installation you will receive a letter advising your scheduled installation date along with your tax invoice number. On the day of your installation the installer will provide you with your tax… Continue reading

Crimsafe NSW Crimsafe

Have you been looking for Crimsafe security products at a discounted price? We’ll let you in on a little secret… Davcon Security Screens offer discounts on Crimsafe security screens to RACQ members and Seniors Card holders all year round. RACQ members and Seniors Card holders can enjoy 20% off selected Crimsafe security products upon presenting… Continue reading

Security Screens for French Doors - Crimsafe Tweed - Davcon

French doors look great; however they can be a security weak spot in your home. Many home-owners are anxious to secure their French doors, but are not sure what security options are available. Crimsafe security screens are the answer. Other security screens can not only ruin the aesthetics and function of French doors, but many… Continue reading

Bifold doors are a gorgeous addition to traditional Queenslanders and minimalist modern homes alike; however many home owners are confused as to how they can fit security to these doors. Traditional security screen doors do not work with bi-fold doors, and retractable screens can be fitted to protect against insects, however these unfortunately cannot be… Continue reading

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