An increasing number of children are admitted to hospital each year as a result of falling from windows. These falls can tragically result in serious injury or death, and often occur in their own home. Young children, aged five years and under, are at the highest risk as they lack the ability to recognise danger.

In order to help prevent these horrific accidents, the National Construction Code (NCC) specifies various requirements for openable windows to limit the risk of a person, in particular a young child, falling through an openable window.

The National Construction Code Requirements

What do you need to consider?

  • The location of the window
  • The height of the window above floor floor level
  • The fall height on the outside of the window
  • If there are any climbable elements below the window

What are your options?

The two NCC approved options are:

  • A fixed device attached to the openable part of the window


  • A fixed screen across the openable part of the window

In the case of a screen a 125mm sphere must not pass through while an outward horizontal force of 250N is applied to the screen.

Can Crimsafe be used?

Yes, Crimsafe can be used to secure the openable part of the window.

How does Crimsafe perform?

Crimsafe commissioned a test laboratory to conduct a test using the proper procedure outlined by the ICP005 Australian Window Association Industry Code of Practice – Protection of Openable Windows.

The test setup simulated a face fixed aluminium window installation of a Crimsafe fixed window screen – the screen easily passed the force requirement of 250N (25kg) with no gaps present.

The force was increased to an incredible 1000N (100kg) – four times the amount required by the NCC – and again no gaps were present.

Want to know more?

Read the entire AWA Indsutry Code of Practice – Protection of Openable Windows here.

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