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Do you live in Ipswich?

If you live in Ipswich, there is good reason to consider improving your home security. Statistics released on 24 October 2012 by the Queensland Police indicated a 5% increase in crime in the Ipswich area in the last financial year.

The Annual Statistic Review showed that the Southern Region, which encompasses Ipswich, recorded a higher rise in crime rates than both Brisbane and the North coast.

Within the Southern Region, the rate of arson increased by 21%, unarmed robbery increased by a massive 50% and armed robbery by 16%.

Fed Up With It

Ipswich’s CCTV ‘Safe City Program’ has in the past been effective in reducing the crime rate in Ipswich Central and some cameras have been installed in 9 Ipswich suburbs, however much of Ipswich suburbia remains vulnerable.

CCTV may help to deter some criminals and serve as evidence in convictions, but CCTV does not physically stop brazen and desperate intruders entering your property and the heartbreak of coming home to a ransacked house and precious items stolen.

IPSWICH mayor, Paul Pisasale, stated, “I’m sick and tired of people getting their houses broken into.”

Pisasale stated that the police and court system needed stronger powers to deter criminal activities.

“Crime is happening all over this country and we allow people to get away with it,” he said.

Be Proactive And Install Crimsafe

When faced with fear, positive action always wins out. Despite the scary Ipswich stats, with proper protection your home and family can be secure.

Crimsafe security screens have indeed proved hard to penetrate when undergoing rigorous testing. In recent impact testing, performed by UNSW@ADFA, Crimsafe was the only security screen that came out five times more resistant to impact than the Australian Standard withstanding a single impact of (500 joules). AS5041:2003 – Methods of Test, the Dynamic Impact Test 5 x impacts of (100 joules).

“The Australian Standard is roughly the impact force imparted by a child stumbling into a glass door,” advises Cassandra Lehmann, Manager of Davcon Security Screens. “Considering that only three out of our nine competitors tested met this minimum standard and only one competitor made it to 200 joules.”

After the testing Crimsafe requested the scientists conducting the test to make a recommendation on the level of impact resistance that the Australian Standard should require, and they put the figure at 150 joules and 10 impacts if the burglar kicks the door and 200 joules if the burglar is able to use an implement such as a baseball bat or brick.

Whether by pushing, pulling, kicking, hitting, punching or slashing with a knife, Crimsafe provides a very serious obstacle to any intruder.

Experienced Security Specialists

As a licensed security products provider Davcon Security Screens has installed thousands of security windows and doors across Ipswich, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the rest of Queensland. Ipswich residents can take advantage of Davcon’s high-level security technology combined with prompt, professional and personalised customer-service.

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