Did you know that there are three separate Crimsafe ranges? 

When Crimsafe launched back in 1996, their goal was to develop a solution to unsightly bars and grilles on homes and businesses for security. With advice from the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association, Crimsafe Regular was born. 

Crimsafe Regular featured a high tensile stainless steel mesh, gripped by a unique screw-clamp system fastening the mesh to the frame. This was unlike any other security screen.

Since then, Crimsafe has consistently been striving for further development to provide the most protective screens for your home or business. 


Crimsafe’s Extended Range Featuring Ultimate & iQ

Crimsafe have developed Ultimate and iQ ranges to increase the protection of your home or business. Using the patented Tensile Tuff mesh, screw clamps  and tamper resistant fastenings, Crimsafe have enhanced these features for even tougher security.

Crimsafe Ultimate is 40% tougher than Regular! With a thicker mesh, twice as many screws concealed with a unique clip cover, providing a wider frame, Crimsafe Ultimate is SEVEN TIMES stronger than the impact levels required by Australian Standards. 

Crimsafe iQ is the modern answer to a modern lifestyle. With enhanced electronic or mechanical locking systems, anti-jemmy and heavy duty hinges in a wider, stronger frame, Crimsafe iQ gives your family more protection than ever.

With smart home options for PIN code keypad, Bluetooth and finger scan entry options – Crimsafe iQ will slot seamlessly into your modern lifestyle. 


Let’s Break it Down…


The Choice is Yours

Now that you’re armed with all the details on Crimsafe Regular, Ultimate and iQ, you can make the best decision for your home and family. But if you still have questions, our security consultants can answer all your questions.


For a completely free measure and quote for Regular, Ultimate and iQ, simply request a quote online or give us a call on 07 3875 2326.

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