Crimsafe Security Screen Prices

  • How Much Does Crimsafe Cost?

    One of the first questions customers ask when they ring us is ‘how much does Crimsafe cost?

    This is a valid question, but providing a definitive answer is not as easy as giving a price for, say, a pair of shoes or a book! There are many variables that need to be taken into consideration when assessing the cost of installing Crimsafe in your home or business.

Sizing up your Crimsafe requirements

  • Every Crimsafe window and door frame is a slightly different size and shape – most of the time they’re not exactly square. It’s for this reason that every Crimsafe order we process and manufacture at Davcon is custom made to fit your door or window exactly. Because all of our Crimsafe screens are individually customised in this way, there are no ‘standard’ or pre-manufactured Crimsafe doors or windows available. In order to provide you with a proper quote, we need to know the measurement of each door or window opening and then assess which Crimsafe products are most appropriate to your needs.
  • Sizing up your Crimsafe requirements

Our qualified Crimsafe assessors

Our security consultant team will visit your home to take measurements and provide a thorough assessment of exactly the kind of Crimsafe products they would recommend for each window and door. Davcon’s security consultants are James and Wayne and they have over 30 years combined experience in the security screen industry. They will talk you through the costing process, advise you of any additional factors to take into account and answer any questions you may have about installing Crimsafe in your home or business.

Other Crimsafe pricing factors

When it comes to assessing your home for Crimsafe doors and windows, along with size requirements we will also assess other factors such as whether:

  • You require a build out: if the frame around your door or window is old, rotting, or in any way not structurally sound, a build out will need to be installed. This is because Crimsafe products are attached to this framework and a weak framework will compromise the integrity of the screen’s security.
  • You require installation of new door tracks: this would apply if you wanted to install a new sliding door.
  • The colour frame you choose requires powder-coating: we offer a large range of standard colours at no extra charge, but should you choose one of our special colours there will be an extra charge, as the Crimsafe product will be sent away to be custom powder coated.
  • Your installation requires scaffolding due to the height of the installation.
  • Other Crimsafe pricing factors
  • Crimsafe is quality, not ‘cheap’

    Naturally, the cost of installing genuine Crimsafe will be higher than installing fly screens, diamond grille or other Crimsafe imitations, but to put it simply – you get what you pay for. Crimsafe is the market leader in security screens and Crimsafe is an attractive, functional product. Unfortunately some peopzle think only about the cheapest price when buying security screens, without taking into consideration the function, quality and aesthetics of the product. This inevitably leads to regret, especially considering that most people tend to keep their security screens for decades rather than a few years. Remember that Crimsafe is a long-term investment for your home.

Purpose-built Crimsafe products

If you are going to spend your money installing security screens, you want the screens to actually fulfil their function of keeping intruders out and keeping your home and family safe. Through testing, it has been proven that many of the screens on the market that claim to be security screens (some even passing the Australian minimum security guidelines), do not in fact keep intruders out. Have a look at some of our competitor test videos to see this for yourself. So, whilst you may find security screens cheaper than Crimsafe, their value for money is questionable when they are not fulfilling their primary function of keeping intruders out.

  • Crimsafe aesthetics

    Crimsafe is aesthetically pleasing, allowing uninterrupted views through windows and doors. Additionally, features like the Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape emergency exits ensure that you and your family are not only safe in the event of a break in, they also allow you to easily exit your home in the event of a fire -this is something you can’t do with bars and grills on your windows.

    If you are interested in Crimsafe screens for your home or business, why not get a free measure and quote today.

So where is your money going when you invest in Crimsafe?

Your money goes into the research, manufacture and provision of high-quality, purpose-built materials, such as Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff mesh, Dulux formulated powder-coating paint and patented screw clamps. Crimsafe is constantly researching and developing their products to ensure that Crimsafe is, and continues to be, the market leader in security screens – and you get the best product for your home.

Estimate Crimsafe pricing

  • Although it is only by a proper assessment of the Crimsafe requirements in your home that we can provide exact pricing, we have outlined an approximate starting price guide below:
    • Crimsafe windows cost from approximately $270 upwards;
    • Crimsafe doors cost from approximately $850 upwards;
    • Patio enclosures vary greatly in price (depending on the size and shape of your patio area), with costs starting from approximately $5000 upwards.
  • Estimate Crimsafe pricing

Crimsafe Step-By-Step

Some of our clients (especially those with larger homes) recognise the value of investing in Crimsafe, but can’t necessarily afford to install Crimsafe on every door and window in their house at once. Instead, after obtaining a full quotation from us, they can choose to install Crimsafe in stages, a few doors and windows at a time, until their whole house is completely secured by Crimsafe.

Buy now, pay later

We also offer our clients the option of Humm, so that they can get their entire home secured by Crimsafe security screens immediately, but pay off the costs over time with Humm’s interest-free payment plan.

Don’t delay – get a Crimsafe quote today!

Bearing the above advice in mind, there really is nothing to lose – and a whole lot to gain – by getting a no-obligation Crimsafe assessment of your home right now. Contact us to book a quote or for further information on our Crimsafe products and we’ll work out the best Crimsafe option to keep you and your family safe and secure.

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