Crimsafe Serveries

Make entertaining easy and keep your home safe with Crimsafe serveries.

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Keyless Locking

With a simple flick of a switch, our Crimsafe serveries open smoothly and seamlessly from the inside.

Easy Entertainment

Our Crimsafe servery security screens make entertaining easy. Installed between your kitchen and outside entertainment area, you can simply slide open your servery window to join the party while you prepare food and when you’re done, simply pass your food and drinks quickly and effortlessly through the hatch.



Safety in Style

When locked your extended outdoor area becomes completely secure with Crimsafe’s patented locking and security system. Servery windows give your home flexibility and openness for easy entertaining while keeping your family and home safe at all other times.

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Act as an Emergency Exit

Not only are serveries stylish and can secure your home, they also act as an emergency exit for your family when needed. Due to their design they can be completely opened for your family to escape in case of fire or other emergency.

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