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Can You Afford To Be Broken Into?

We all know Christmas is an expensive time of year; buying presents for friends and family, paying for the Christmas groceries and booking a Christmas holiday can leave you short on cash. You can’t however, afford to leave your home unsecured over the holiday season, and that’s why at Davcon Security Screens we offer the payment plan option of Certegy EZI PAY.

Thieves Love Christmas Too

Police crime prevention officer, Leading Senior Constable Craig McDonald, said residents should be more vigilant, particularly during the festive season.

“It’s not enough to secure a home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with a small lock,” he said.

“People should be mindful of keeping their home secure when they are storing all the items they’ve bought for Christmas.”

“Any break-in or robbery can really upset Christmas for a family, not to mention the expense it can incur.”

Last year many families suffered break-ins that ruined their holiday season. One such example was a Wendouree family whom returned home after a short holiday to find their home ransacked, with more than $5000 worth of goods stolen.

The thieves pried open a side window to gain entry to the locked home and also cut the power off from the house to disable the home’s security cameras.

A plasma television, XBOX, Playstation, BMX bikes and many recently-opened Christmas presents were among the stolen items.

Certegy Lets You Install Crimsafe NOW!

Don’t leave your home unsecured whilst you are away on holidays. Experience the peace of mind of having your home secured with Crimsafe security screens.

Certegy Ezi-Pay allows you to have your Crimsafe security screens installed ASAP, whilst permitting you to pay them off over a period of time with no interest ever.

How Does CertigyEzi-Pay Work?

Certegy is a payment plan that lets you purchase goods or services straight away by paying an initial deposit, with the remaining balance being conveniently direct debited fortnightly. There is a simple application, no invasive questions and fast approval times. Best of all, there is no interest ever!

To apply for a payment plan you must be:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • A permanent resident of Australia
  • Be employed on a full-time basis, working a minimum or 35 hours or be an Aged or Veteran’s Pensioner.
  • You must have a bank account or credit card in your name with documentation showing proof of ownership ie bank statement (EFTPOS cards are not suitable as they cannot be debited)
  • Able to provide suitable identification

For more information on Certegy Eze-Pay, visit www.certegyezipay.com.au.

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