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While you’re busy dreaming about and planning your September or December holidays, chances could be that criminals are dreaming about and planning to break into your home while you’re away! The time leading up to a holiday period is perfect for home burglars to size up which houses look like good targets. First on the list will obviously be houses with no visible security doors and windows, as these provide the easiest pickings.

First line of defence

When it comes to securing your home and possessions, the reality is that your security doors and windows act as your front line of personal soldiers. The very sight of a well-secured home is likely to make a potential criminal move on or at least think twice about trying to enter your property. Sometimes would-be criminals will run ‘prelim’ tests on security windows or doors that look potentially vulnerable. This could involve trying to pull open a corner of your security mesh, jemmy your security doors or windows with a screwdriver or other sharp object, or attempt to slash security screens with a knife to check how easy it is to gain entry.

Crimsafe quality = best crime deterrent

If, after a few attempts at prying open your security windows or doors, the potential house-breakers have no luck in gaining access, there’s a high probability they will leave your home empty-handed completely alone. This is why it makes no sense to opt for ‘token’ security products – simply put, if you’re going to do security, do it properly. It’s a well-known fact that Crimsafe security screens and windows represent arguably the highest quality workmanship and materials of any security screens on the market. With its patented 304 grade stainless steel Tensile Tuff® Security mesh, securely fitted into the frame with the vice-like Screw-ClampTM method, it’s incredibly difficult to infiltrate Crimsafe screens. Even a massive kick is unlikely to do it – Crimsafe products have been rigorously tested and found to be five times stronger than the 100 joule Australian minimum standard for impact resistance, withstanding incredible impacts of up to 500 joules.

Beat the pre-holiday rush

Ironically, while many people plan their holiday right down to the smallest detail, it’s only at the last minute that they think about the house they’re leaving unattended. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to contact a security screen company at the eleventh hour, just before they leave for their holiday, for a quote to install security doors and windows. Unfortunately, it also often happens that the security company in question is booked up at these times, due to other last-minute orders – and so is unable to schedule in a rush job. Considering that your home must be properly assessed and measured-up to ensure you get the best security in each area, plus the fact that installers need to be able to fit you into their installation schedule, it’s best to plan ahead and think of installing your security now – well before the school or December holidays arrive.

Peace of mind is a true holiday

The whole point of going away on holiday is to allow you and your family to relax, unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate. Sitting on a beautiful beach or hiking a magnificent mountain path certainly loses its lustre if all you’re worrying about is whether or not there are strangers busy clearing out your home!

Contact Davcon today to arrange a free quotation to Crimsafe your home and get all of your security doors and windows installed in advance in order to ensure a truly relaxing holiday break!

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