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Burglars are opportunistic and will usually locate soft targets when embarking on a break-in. If your defences are down, they’re more likely to target you and your home. Make sure your home isn’t a soft target – install Crimsafe security doors and windows and make it difficult for ‘crims’ to break in.

Get to know when houses become soft targets for burglars

According to recent Australian Residential Crime data:

  • Fridays are the most likely days for home burglary, followed closely by Mondays
  • Burglars most commonly pounce between 8am and noon
  • Burglars are more likely to return to the scene of the crime within three months of a break-in
  • The most popular stolen items are jewellery, followed by camera equipment

Which households are softer targets than others?

According to recent Crime prevention statistics, some households are at a greater risk to burglaries than others:

  • One-parent/single-person households
  • Houses with large amounts of vehicle traffic in the street
  • Houses next to laneways and bicycle paths
  • Households in areas where 10% or more of the population are unemployed
  • Households in areas where 9 % or more of the population are males aged between 15 -24 years
  • Households in cities or towns with a population of 8,000 or more

If your home is at greater risk of being burgled, make sure you remain vigilant and take all necessary security precautions.

Secure your home for ultimate peace-of-mind

  • Install Crimsafe on all of your doors and windows
  • Install a burglar alarm and advertise your alarm company
  • Lock your side gates, garden shed and garage. If you have a door between your garage and your house, always keep it locked
  • Trim trees and shrubs
  • List all your valuable items and their monetary values to help with insurance claims
  • Use a UV pen to mark your driver’s license number on your valuables
  • Make sure your home contents insurance policy is current
  • Don’t leave spare keys outside. Burglars know all the best hiding spots.
  • Don’t leave notes on the front door indicating your whereabouts
  • Don’t let burglars know that you’re away – have your neighbours bring your rubbish bins in and remove your piled-up mail from your mail box
  • Ensure your home alarm system is switched on when you’re away from home
  • Don’t advertise your possessions – keep them locked away and remove any other evidence that there may be valuables worth stealing inside
  • Keep your eye out for strangers
  • Ask for identification from anyone who approaches your house, such as tradies and delivery people
  • Lock all jewellery, expensive equipment and cash in a safe

Make sure your home isn’t a soft target. Install Crimsafe security products in your home for ultimate security and peace of mind. Remember to make sure that you remain vigilant, especially if your home has been burgled recently, or if you plan on going away on holiday.

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