First, you’ve got to measure up

Crimsafe’s window and door frames are custom manufactured to fit your window or door perfectly. Because all Crimsafe screens are individually tailored in this way, there are no standard or pre-manufactured Crimsafe doors or windows available and all measurements have to be taken before Crimsafe can be manufactured.

Get an accurate quote

The most effective way of obtaining an accurate quote is to have one of our security specialists visit your home to inspect and measure your windows and doors. Once they’ve made sure that your home or business is ready to have Crimsafe installed, they will provide you with an accurate quote for the installation of your Crimsafe security screens, windows or doors.

Interim quotes

If you prefer, you can fax or email us your property plans or window and door measurements and we can generate an interim quote based on these details to give you a rough idea of costing. This quote may be subject to change upon inspection. Once you have received your interim quote, a security specialist will still have to visit your home to assess and measure before your Crimsafe screens, doors and windows can be manufactured. Contact Davcon to arrange for an interim quote to be provided.

Why do you need to assess my home?

Apart from taking measurements, before we can install Crimsafe, the following factors need to be considered:

  • If the frame around your door or window is old, rotting, or in any way not structurally sound, a build out will need to be installed. This is because Crimsafe products are attached to this framework and a weak framework will compromise the integrity of the screen’s security
  • If you want to install a new sliding door, you may require the installation of new door tracks
  • Your installation may require scaffolding due to the height of the installation

What will the inspection of my home involve?

Our security consultant will visit your home to take measurements and provide a thorough assessment of the specific Crimsafe products they recommend for each window and door. They will talk you through the costing process, advise you of any additional factors to take into account and answer any questions you may have about installing Crimsafe in your home or office.

Visit Crimsafe in action

If you would like to see Crimsafe in action before requesting a quote, visit Davcon’s showroom. This will give you the opportunity to see how Crimsafe screens look once installed, feel the strength and quality of the screens and watch a short presentation on Crimsafe’s superior strength.

How to contact us

Fill in the contact form or call us to request a quote. One of Davcon’s security specialists will visit your home to provide you with a no obligation, free quote. Contact us if you require more information on our Crimsafe products and we’ll work out the best Crimsafe option to keep you and your family safe and secure.

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