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Take the worry out of Easter holidays

Easter is a time for holidays with the family by the sea. The last thing you need is to worry about security at home or, worse still, to arrive home and find your worst fears have been realised and your home has been broken into.

Unfortunately, burglars don’t take the long weekend off, or for that matter the school holidays that follow soon afterwards. For them, it’s a time of opportunity, a time to strike while people are away and their homes empty.

There are a host of things you can do to protect your home this Easter holidays. You can install alarms, security lights, or lights that work on a timer to make it look as if you’re at home. You can ask the neighbours to bring in the newspaper and to put out your rubbish bins.

Invest in security

But, the best investment you can make to secure your home and give yourself peace of mind is to install Crimsafe® security screens on all doors and windows – so that you know that burglars will find no easy access and will move on, looking for a softer target.

Burglars know just what Crimsafe® looks like and the effort it takes to try and slash or bash their way through.. If they don’t, they’ll soon find out!

A good investment

In addition to providing security that enables you to sleep more soundly every time you’re on holiday, and when you’re at home too, Crimsafe® is a good financial investment.

It not only improves the resale value of your home but, if you have windows more than two metres above the ground level outside, it meets the new building regulations that are to come into effect in May 2013, requiring all such windows to have security screens strong enough to prevent a child falling through or locks that prevent the window opening more than 12.5 cm. While initially applying only to new homes, the regulations are likely to be extended to existing homes sooner or later.

If you don’t yet have Crimsafe® in your home and would like a free quotation, contact one of Davcon’s security consultants today – or pop into our showroom to chat to an expert and see our extensive Crimsafe® display.

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