Everyone is aware of the importance of installing high quality, durable security products, such as Crimsafe security screens, on the doors and windows of their homes. Naturally, the larger windows and doors – front door, back door and sliding doors – get the most attention, as without solid security screens it would be a cinch for a crook to gain entry into your home. But what about security mesh for the windows in your bathroom and toilet? Often these are small – especially in standalone loos – and you may overlook them when installing security products, leaving a vulnerable entry-point open to unscrupulous criminals.

Bar one, bar all

Unfortunately, this was the case recently, when an elderly couple in Inala were attacked by cowardly thugs who gained entry through the bathroom window – the only one in the whole house without security bars. They were home at the time, which shows just how brazen criminals intent on wrongdoing can be. Just because a window is small does not mean that ‘resourceful’ burglars will be unable to find a way to gain entry. Of course, by installing Crimsafe on all windows, you may also save a criminal considerable embarrassment, such as that suffered by a UK criminal who got stuck halfway through a tiny bathroom window during an attempted housebreaking. The poor homeowner was greeted by quite a sight when he ambled into his bathroom the next morning – it took ten firemen six hours to work the bungling burglar free and he was apparently bullied mercilessly in jail afterwards due to his embarrassing break-in attempt.

Louvre alert

A lot of older homes still have Louvre windows in the toilet or bathroom. Bear in mind that it’s a pretty simple job for a burglar to slide the glass slats out and hop into your home. Crimsafe window screens can be used on Louvre as well as sliding, hung, fixed or even awning windows. Basically, if you are investing in Crimsafe security products you should secure your whole home as anyone intent on gaining entry to your home will search until they find the ‘Achilles’ heel’, which could well by your dunny window!

Crimsafe benefits

As the market leader in security screens, Crimsafe is super-tough and durable. With Crimsafe door and window screens, no matter the time of day or night, your windows can be open wide and you and your family are highly protected. That means you get fresh air, unobstructed visibility, no mozzies or flies and peace of mind – in every room of your house.

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