As a licensed security products provider Davcon has installed thousands of security windows and doors across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the rest of Queensland. All of our clients feel safe in the knowledge that we are properly licensed and should anything go wrong, we take accountability for the quality of our work and our security installations. But what happens if you use an unlicensed security screen provider and something does go wrong?

Security licensing protects homeowners

“If you’re considering installing security windows and doors in your home or business, it’s vital to ensure your security provider is licensed with the required authorities,” advises Cassandra Lehmann, General Manager of Davcon. “Depending on the size of the security installation and whether it’s for residential or commercial premises, your security screen provider may or may not be legally required to be licensed with certain authorities – but it’s always better to err on the side of caution and go for the licensed operator.”

Benefits of using licensed security providers

Credibility : in order to be licensed, a security company has to undergo stringent identity (including fingerprinting) crime and character checks – plus their products and work have to be inspected and assessed for good quality workmanship. Simply put, scammers can’t be licensed.

Accountability : if something goes wrong – for example, the work isn’t up to expected standards, isn’t completed properly or the company goes bankrupt, the proper authority will help you sort out the problem. But if you use an unlicensed operator – you’re on your own.

Investment : a professional installation of good quality security doors and windows in your entire home is a long-term investment hat will increase the value of your home. Should you use an unlicensed security company which supplies dodgy products or does shoddy work, not only will you lose money on the products, you may wrack up big costs just trying to fix the mess they left behind.

Security provider licensing lowdown Queensland :

Your security screen provider should ideally hold a license from the Queensland Government’s Building Services Authority (BSA). In order to obtain this license, they have to provide details of their experience in the security industry and evidence of past work done. Their work will be audited by a BSA-appointed assessor and if it’s up to scratch the license will be granted.

“In most cases, the security screen company in question would need to hold a particular type of license: a non-structural metal fabrication and installation, carpentry or glass, glazing and aluminium or any of the builder class licenses,” says Cassandra. “In Davcon’s case, our owner is himself a builder and so holds the requisite builder’s license.”

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New South Wales:

To be properly licensed in New South Wales, security providers need to join an authorised association. Davcon joined the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia Incorporated (BSCAA) and paid a fee to be audited for the grant of a Master License through the New South Wales Police Force. In order for the Master License to be granted, Davcon had to fill out a Compliance Inspection Form for the Security Industry Council of New South Wales and provide information as to whether our employees only perform duties consistent with their qualifications and training and are paid fair wages; and whether our equipment conforms to national safety standards, is mechanically sound and meets manufacturer specifications.

“The NSW licensing process is particularly rigorous and when Davcon applied, we were asked questions like whether we had ever had a license refused, revoked, suspended or cancelled in NSW or elsewhere,” advises Cassandra. “We also had to provide proof of the identify of all of our staff – as well as supplying fingerprints – and state whether we had been involved in any legal processes in the last ten years, or convicted of any offence. The NSW police also required proof that all of our installers were of good character and considered fit and proper persons to work in the security industry.”

Davcon’s security license tips

Look for the license number : most companies who are licensed with BSA will state their license number on their website or correspondence. If you’re unsure, or if you want to find out whether a licensed company has ever had issues in the past, a quick BSA licensee search will reveal all.

Job value check : unlicensed security companies or sole traders are only able to take on jobs under $3,300 in value. So if you are told that they only take on jobs up to this value, you will know straight away that they are not licensed. And, even if it’s a ‘small’ job you need done, you still worked hard for that money, so why risk it at all by using an unlicensed security company?

Subcontractor licensing : even if you use a licensed security company, ensure you check whether or not they use sub-contractors to install their products (here are some good reasons why Davcon doesn’t use sub-contractors) and if so, whether the subcontractor is also properly licensed.

Licensing bottom line

“Getting properly licensed can be a tough process and some security companies may not feel it’s worth the effort. Perhaps their work is inferior and didn’t pass the first security audit and they gave up, or perhaps they couldn’t prove their qualifications. Or – worst case scenario – they are fly-by-nighters who only plan on sticking around long enough to make a fast buck,” says Cassandra. “But you can bet your bottom dollar than if a security company is properly licensed – even if they don’t legally have to be – they mean business and they deserve yours!”

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