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Intruder alert!

This year, make sure you’re prepared for anything – especially unwelcome guests. With burglaries on the rise in Queensland, it’s more important than ever before to keep your eyes open and your Crimsafe® security doors closed.

What to do if you see or hear an intruder on your property:

  • Make sure you’re safely tucked away behind your Crimsafe® screens, doors and windows
  • Call the police

If the burglar appears to be gaining entry into your home (because you haven’t installed Crimsafe to your windows and doors), there are some practical steps to take to make sure you and your family remain unharmed:

  • If you can get out of your house immediately without confronting the unwelcome guests, do it.
  • Turn on as many lights as possible without coming into contact with the burglars and without making your location visible to the intruders.
  • If you cannot get out of the house, lock yourself in your bedroom and barricade the door. If you have an interior cupboard with a sturdy door, lock yourself and your family in with a mobile phone. Call the police and wait for them to arrive. When you call 000, it can be easy to panic. Speak clearly and be specific; the more specific information you provide them with, the more likely they are to provide you with the help you need.
  • If you wake up or are startled by a noise, don’t be passive and rationalise the cause of the noise. DO something. Turn on any lights or trigger an alarm if you have one. If you decide to remain in the safe haven of your bedroom, call the police and ask them to check up on your property.
  • Don’t be confrontational. Everyone loves a hero, but putting your life in danger is not heroic. Leave that to the coppers.

Remember to always be aware. Whenever you arrive home, take a few moments to check that everything is as it should be. More importantly, take steps to ensure that your home is secured by the toughest screens, doors and windows. Install Crimsafe today!


Queensland crime statistics

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