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Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing home, installing security screen doors and windows should always be a consideration. There are many different security products on the market, but once you start doing some research the name “Crimsafe” is going to come up a lot. Why? Because not only have Crimsafe security screen products withstood rigorous durability and performance testing and come out shining, they’ve also stood the test of time. Since Crimsafe products hit the market in 1996, they’ve been installed in thousands of houses across Australia. To assist you in your security search, we’ve outlined 10 very good reasons why Crimsafe is the wisest choice for your home:

1 Crimsafe uses patented design technology:

Most other security screen doors on the market have their mesh glued or embedded into the frame. Crimsafe’s patented Tensile Tuff® Security mesh on each door or window is screwed into the frame and clamped firmly down in a vice-like grip using the patented Screw-Clamp method. So when you choose Crimsafe, you benefit from superior patented security technology.

2 Crimsafe is tough:

Crimsafe has proven itself to the toughest security screen product on the market. Recent tests revealed that standard domestic Crimsafe security screens came out five times stronger (500 joules) than the Australian minimum standard (100 joules) when it comes to impact resistance, while three competitors failed to even meet the minimum level. This makes Crimsafe security doors and windows tough, durable and almost incredibly difficult to infiltrate or kick in. (Watch these video clips to see the difference between Crimsafe and imitation security doors when under attack.)

3 Crimsafe maximises child safety:

Scarily enough, in Australia it is estimated that one child each week lands up in hospital (or worse) due to falling out of a window or off a raised deck. Again, it is the superior design of Crimsafe that comes to the rescue. The minimum Australian standard of 100 joules of impact resistance is deemed equivalent to a child falling against a security screen door while running. Now, if three Crimsafe competitors didn’t even make that grade, what parent would want to take a chance with those products? Crimsafe can also be installed to secure your raised deck/patio area so your family can entertain safely outdoors without worrying about small children falling overboard.

4 Crimsafe provides emergency exits:

As we all know, house fires in Australia are horribly common. Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes are designed as highly efficient emergency exits from which you and your family can escape in the event of a house fire. With a quick push of a release mechanism, which is simple enough to teach to a young child, the emergency exit window releases – although it is still an impenetrable security screen from the outside.

5 Crimsafe does not imprison you:

Crimsafe keeps intruders out but does not make you feel like you’re locked away. Due to the Tensile-Tuff mesh, Crimsafe screens still allow full visibility when looking out of your windows or doors. This also means that you get the benefit of maximum light and air flow – and most mosquitoes and insects can’t infiltrate Crimsafe either. Additionally, if you install Crimsafe ‘Petaway’ doors, the inbuilt pet-flaps will ensure your pets can also have their freedom!

6 Crimsafe is stylish:

Whereas many security doors and screens on the market are definitely not built with aesthetics in mind, Crimsafe is both highly effective and attractive on the eye. Crimsafe security doors and windows comes in a variety of standard colours and you also have the option of a customised, powder-coating in a select range of additional colours. So you can rest assured your home is safe and good looking!

7 Crimsafe is customised:

With Crimsafe security products there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’, standard doors or windows. Each and every Crimsafe window and door is made to fit the exact measurements of every window and door in your home and fitted by qualified Crimsafe installers. This ensures that you can also successfully use Crimsafe on areas known to be difficult when it comes to installing security screening, such as Louvre, awning or domed windows.

8 Crimsafe adds value to your home:

Installing Crimsafe security doors and windows throughout your house is a long-term investment that will pay off should you decide to sell. For some house buyers, whether there is Crimsafe or imitation Crimsafe security in your home can be the ‘make or break’ decision when it comes to putting in an offer. This is because Crimsafe is known as an incredibly tough, durable and long-lasting product that, most importantly, will keep your family and possessions safe – not just claim it will.

9 Crimsafe is rust proof:

Crimsafe’s ‘Salt Water Series’ is a standard feature with all Crimsafe products. The special protective Santoprene rubber insulator on all Crimsafe products prevents metals from touching and a unique Teflon gel is injected around all screws. This staves off seizing and corrosion and means your Crimsafe screen doors and windows won’t start ‘bleeding’ rust – even if you live on the coast.

While we could go on listing many more good reasons why Crimsafe is the wisest choice when it comes to security products for your home, why not contact us and arrange a visit to our award winning showroom – and let our Crimsafe products speak for themselves!

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