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Do you live on the Gold Coast? Are you considering securing your home with Crimsafe? Gold Coast homeowners and businesses, tired of feeling like ‘sitting ducks’ in the face of mounting crime, are opting to take the power back by installing Crimsafe.

Gold Coast crime stats shocking

The latest Annual Statistical Review, recently released by Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson, shows an alarming increase of armed robberies on the Gold Coast. Figures have jumped from 105 in the 2009/10 financial year to 119 in 2010/11. The tragic death on duty of Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding in May 2010 has put the escalating Gold Coast crime wave in the public spotlight.

“Although it’s important to view crime stats with a bit of perspective, it’s also important to be realistic,” says Cassandra Lehmann, General Manager of Davcon. “So, while there are positives in the crime stats – such as a drop in the overall murder rate in Queensland – incidents of home break-ins and theft, sometimes with violence, are definitely peaking. ” And this is why the dubious title “Queensland’s armed robbery capital” has now been bestowed on the Gold Coast.

Crimsafe means better safe than sorry

John, reminds us that many home break-ins and thefts are opportunistic crimes. “These criminals simply look around and act when he sees a ‘gap’ in security. This is often a window left ajar or a door left unlocked – while the homeowner is away or asleep in the house,” says Cassandra. While any homeowner – especially in our balmy Queensland weather -should have the freedom to leave windows open as wide as necessary, you can’t turn a blind eye to the risks. John recommends properly fitted, good quality security screens, doors and windows, such as Crimsafe, for Gold Coast homes. Then you have the true security of relaxing and sleeping easy, knowing there is a high-quality security screen in the way of opportunistic intruders.

Not all security screens created equal

As Davcon’s General Manager, naturally Cassandra has faith in their Crimsafe security screen products, but it’s not blind faith. Having worked in the security screen industry for 24 years with a range of products, including all of the current Crimsafe alternatives on the market, she considers Crimsafe top of the list in terms of quality, durability and purpose. Unlike all other security screens where the mesh is simply wedged or glued into place and can, with some force, be punched or kicked in or slashed, Crimsafe screens are drilled right through the mesh into the other side of the frame and forcibly clamped into place with a patented Screw-Clamp tool. It is this process, combined with theTensile Tuff® Security mesh on each screen product, that makes Crimsafe the tough, durable and incredibly difficult to infiltrate

Crimsafe is Gold Coast climate-friendly

“While corrosion and rust in salty coastal air is often a concern for homes on the Gold Coast, all Crimsafe products are made from 304 grade stainless steel coated in a special corrosion-resistant formula, with a lifespan of 65 years,” advises Cassandra. “We are also able to assess your outside patio and deck areas for installation with customised screens for ultimate peace of mind.”

The no-crime bottom line

When faced with fear, positive action always wins out. Despite the scary Gold Coast crime states and media horror stories, with proper protection your family can feel secure in their home. Take action, take power – join Davcon in “Operation Crimsafe Gold Coast”!

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