Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to install Crimsafe security screens. You’ve made a good investment for your home and opted for the best security products on the market – stringent safety standards tests have proved that Crimsafe can withstand massive impacts. It’s a wonderful feeling leaving your home in the morning and going to bed at night knowing that you, your family and your hard-earned possessions are as safe and secure as possible, thanks to superior Crimsafe technology.

Your quotation

Before you placed your order for DavconCrimsafe security screen windows and doors, our security consultants visited you and undertook a detailed security assessment of your home and to measure up the doors and windows requiring security screens. They made recommendations as to the best place to install certain security products. For example, you may have opted for a sliding Crimsafe security screen door from your lounge room out to the patio; hinged security doors on your front and back doors; a servery security window from the kitchen to the patio; a Safe-S-Cape emergency exit security screen at a window in your house most accessible from all other areas and a Petway pet flap to ensure your moggy or doggy has easy run of your home. These areas would have been discussed with you by your Davcon security consultant and listed in the detailed quotation we provided after our assessment.

Access: once your installation date has been booked and confirmed, you will need to ensure that you are on the premises on the given day; alternatively you will need to make arrangements with Davcon to gain access.

Remove window coverings:

Remove any blinds or curtains on your windows and place these neatly well away from the area in which the installers will work (tip: this is a good time to clean your blinds or wash your curtains!)

Clear the decks:

Consult your quotation and go through your home to ensure that our Crimsafe installers have easy access to each window and door. Move chairs or tables, books, toys, ornaments and clutter around these areas, ensuring that everything is stacked neatly out of the way.

Prep your driveway:

Our Davcon installation team will arrive in a vehicle containing all of your security windows and screens. Ensure your driveway is easily accessible so that they can park as close as possible to your door to ease delivery. Also ensure that there are no garden implements or toys obstructing the driveway and that your pets or children are not near the road or driveway when our team arrives for your installation.


If you have dogs that are not used to strangers in your home, or who will get underfoot, rather lock them up securely in your yard before our team arrive. If you have small children in the home, consider keeping them occupied and supervised by another adult in one room, in order to minimise any safety hazards.

Davcon can do:

If, when your home was being measured up for your screens, you requested that Davcon remove any items that may obstruct their work, we are more than happy to do so, at no charge. Please be aware that in this instance, while our security team installation team is trained to be methodical and thorough in their work, Davcon cannot be held liable should any mishaps that may occur with your belongings.


When our installation team arrives, they will set up all equipment, run through the job at hand with you and get to work. Our team is happy for you to watch them at work, but ensure that for your own safety, have a wide area of space in which to work, and keep your children and pets out of the room, for the sake of their safety. Should you have any questions or queries at any stage, our consultants are always happy to address your concerns.

Clean-up and inspection:

After your security installation is complete, our team will clean up all areas in which they’ve worked, ensuring all tools, debris and dust is cleaned up. The Davcon installation team take great care in leaving your home spick and span. They will then walk you through your newly secured home so you can see exactly what they’ve done and check on the quality of their work. If you have any queries after the installation, please speak up straight away so these can be addressed.


The final step, once our installation team has completed the job, is to wander through your home and marvel at your new security windows and doors. Slide your windows and doors as wide as they can open and let natural light and fresh air circulate through your home. Your view to your garden will be crisp and clear and, whether from flies, snakes and beetles, opportunistic thieves or hardened burglars – you, your family and your possessions are now safe, secure and protected by Davcon and Crimsafe!

Should you wish to discuss anything else before we install your security screens, or if you don’t yet have Crimsafe in your home and would like a free quotation, contact one of Davcon’s security consultants today – or pop into our Crimsafe showroom and let us guide you through the benefits of going with Crimsafe.

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