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According to a recent article in the Courier Mail, Queensland police are battling to cope with home break-ins and burglary across the state. More than 10,000 burglary related crimes took place in Brisbane alone in 2011, with 2,900 on the Gold Coast and 2,300 each in Cairns and Townsville. Cassandra Lehmann, General Manager of Davcon, thinks that most of these break and enters happen simply because it’s too easy to get in – and if homeowner’s installed Crimsafe security windows and doors it would offer serious protection to the home, and also act as a deterrent.

Young thugs

The stats in the article appear to support John’s theory, reporting that over 40% of unlawful entry offenders are under 17 years of age and that, of the over 2,400 teenagers who were charged with unlawfully entering a dwelling in the year ending 30 June 2011, almost 1,500 were 10 to 15 years old. “There definitely appears to be a bit of a free-for-all going on with opportunistic budding criminals,” says Cassandra. “These are not hardened, big tough guys – these are kids. And not only would proper security like Crimsafe screens stop the majority of these criminals in their tracks, making it very hard to get in might make them change their minds about criminal activity altogether. No thief likes to work too hard!”

Crimsafe strength

Crimsafe security screens have indeed proved hard to penetrate when undergoing rigorous testing. In recent dynamic impact testing, Crimsafe was the only security screen that came out five times more resistant (500 joules) to impact than the Australian Standard (100 joules). “The Australian Standard is equivalent to the impact of a child falling against a security door while running,” advises Cassandra. “Considering that only three out of our nine competitors tested met this minimum standard and only one competitor made it to 200 joules – which testers estimated would be the force used in a break-in – it’s quite evident that most security products literally couldn’t stop a child from breaking and entering. Whether by pushing, pulling, kicking, hitting, punching or slashing with a knife, Crimsafe provides a very serious obstacle to adults as well as children.

Thief wish-list

According to RACQ Insurance these were the items most in demand by criminals young and old during 2011:

  • Jewellery
  • Laptops
  • Digital cameras
  • Consoles and games
  • Cash,gift vouchers, money orders
  • Large screen televisions
  • iPods and related equipment

Crimsafe, not complacent

Just as most criminals will simply enter wherever is easiest, it’s also a good idea to move temptation completely out of the way. Don’t leave valuables like the above items, or your wallet or car keys, in plain sight of windows.

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