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Before you hang your Christmas lights up this year, take the time to ensure that they’re going to bring cheer and not heartache to the festive season.

There are many things that must be checked and considered before hanging up your Christmas lights. Safety is the name of the game – too many house fires and electrocutions are attributed to faults and accidents with Christmas lights.

Last year a Hervey Bay family was devastated by a faulty Christmas light sparking a fire, and gutting the living room of their home. Luckily the family was out of their home at the time, but returned to charred walls, furniture and a melted television and Christmas tree.

According to the Australia Government, when decorating your home or garden, always ensure you:

  • Use lights appropriate for their purpose and location – buy specialised outdoor lights to use on the outside of your house.
  • Buy safe Christmas and decorative lights
  • Check your old Christmas lights – make sure there are no exposed wires, no smashed glass, and replace bulbs with manufacturer-approved parts.
  • Use your lights safely – don’t place lights where they are likely to get wet, don’t ‘piggyback’ lights on electrical outlets.
  • Make sure all electrical leads are safe and not damaged.
  • Fully unwind all extension leads to avoid overheating
  • Make sure you have a safety switch and ensure that it works
  • Make sure you switch off and unplug Christmas lights if you are watering your living Christmas tree
  • Turn off Christmas lights before going to bed or leaving the house

Prepare for the worst:

  • Ensure your smoke alarms are in good working order – replace with fresh batteries if necessary.
  • Have the appropriate fire extinguishers on hand.
  • Have a fire escape route planned.
  • Install Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes to enable a quick, keyless exit.

Be cautious, be safe and have a very happy festive season from the entire Davcon Security Screens team!

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