Same Great

Crimsafe Design

1. Crimsafe’s patented Screw-Clamp technology has special teeth precisely matching the profile of the mesh, which locks the mesh deep into the frame. The Screw-Clamp and hook  feature spread the impact throughout the frame to withstand powerful and sustained attacks. This makes it virtually impossible to separate the frame from the mesh – unlike many competitor products, where the mesh can easily pop out with force.

2. Tamper-resistant fasteners are driven right through the mesh and into the frame. This binds the Screw-Clamp, the mesh and the frame together into a tightly integrated unit for greater security.

3. The Santoprene rubber insulator is so revolutionary it has its own separate patent. It reduces water penetration and salt build-up in harsh environments and virtually eliminates galvanic corrosion of the different metals – meaning a very long life for your screens.

Same Great Crimsafe Design - Security screens Brisbane


A Whole New Level

Of Security

4. Adding an extra layer of security, the clip on cover creates a sealed chamber, which conceals the fasteners and protects the system from the elements.

5. Crimsafe Ultimate is 7 times stronger than the impact level required by the Australian Standard (and 40% stronger than regular Crimsafe).

6. Tamper resistant fasteners are driven through the mesh and into the frame every 62.5mm along the frame (regular Crimsafe is assembled with tamper resistant fasteners every 125mm along the frame).

A Whole New Level  Of Security - Security screens Brisbane
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