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As Gold Coast business owners know, there has recently been an escalation of criminal activity in the area and it doesn’t seem set to stop anytime soon. According to an article in the Brisbane Times, thieves use holiday periods to carry out intensified break-ins on Gold Coast businesses. The article reports on the marked increase in commercial break-ins over the Easter weekend, with a jewellery store, shopping centre and convenience store being broken into within a few hours of each other on one night alone.

Gold Coast business owners away, criminals will play

Cassandra Lehmann, General Manager of Davcon Security Screens, “Crimsafe commercial security screen doors and windows virtually stop any break-in before it even starts. The rising incidence of after-hours and overnight break-ins of Gold Coast shops and businesses show that criminals prefer to strike while no-one is about to witness or stop them. Naturally these criminals are going to target shops that have poor security and will likely first pick on those that have no visible security doors, windows or such measures installed. If burglars see a shop has solid Crimsafe commercial security installed they are probably not even going to bother and will rather target the next shop.”

  • Crimsafe tops dynamic impact testing

Crimsafe commercial mesh is tough stuff

Cassandra explains that even if a criminal did take the time to first break a shop window and then try and infiltrate a Crimsafe secured shop, they would quickly give up. Crimsafe commercial security doors and windows are incredibly tough, as Cassandra explains: “Firstly, Crimsafe screens use a unique 0.9mm structural stainless steel mesh called Tensile-Tuff, which is about 12.5% thicker than other security mesh on the market. On top of that, Crimsafe mesh is not glued or wedged in like other security screen mesh. Rather, the mesh is held in place by a special patented method called the ‘Screw-Clamp’ method, which means the mesh is secured to the frame in a vice-like grip.” This means that when a criminal tries to bash or kick-in a Crimsafe screen the impact is spread around the whole security door or window frame, which actually tightens the grip of the mesh and makes it incredibly difficult to infiltrate.

Crimsafe tops dynamic impact testing

“Crimsafe commercial security screen doors and windows are designed to withstand impacts of over 1,200 joules,” advises Cassandra. “To put that into perspective: it’s twelve times higher than the Australian standard for dynamic impact testing! During recent tests, many Crimsafe competitors didn’t even pass the minimum standard and those who did averaged about 400 joules on their commercial security products.’ (See videos of simulated (failed) Crimsafe break-ins.)

Crimsafe aces all other tests too

Crimsafe commercial security screen doors and windows have passed a battery of tests with flying colours, including:

  • Pull Test: tests whether a criminal can pull a screen off and gauges how well the mesh is affixed to the screen frame.
  • Jemmy Test: tests whether a criminal can break in using a screwdriver/lever to break open the door, window lock or hinge.
  • Shear Test: tests whether a pair of cutting pliers can tear the mesh.
  • Knife Shear Test: simulates a knife attack on security door or window mesh.
  • Probe Test: tests to see if a criminal can create a gap in the infill mesh material or between the panel and frame, slide in a hand and unlock a door/window.

Operation Crimsafe Gold Coast

“Businesses are quickly realising the long-term value of high-quality commercial security products like Crimsafe. By investing in the security of your business, you are actually making huge potential savings, as you decrease the chance of having to deal with loss of your stock and damage to your property down the line,” concludes Cassandra. “Which is why at Davcon we’ve recently expanded and intensified our Gold Coast security operations – because when it comes to securing your business with Crimsafe commercial products, there are only pros – no cons!

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