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Davcon has taken care of thousands of security door and window installations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and for each and every installation we’ve used our own team. Our installers are employed by us on a salaried, full-time basis (not paid by the job or per hour) and they are an important link in the Davcon security chain. To give you an idea of the benefits of using the Davcon installation team as opposed to a subcontractor, let’s take a tongue-in-cheek look at two ‘typical’ security installations:

Scenario #1: Security installation subcontractors

On the day of your security door installation, you specifically take time off work to be home. You wait for an hour and finally the subcontractor hired by your security company arrives. It seems he got lost trying to find your house. It then turns out he’s come prepared to install a hinged security door, not the sliding security door you were expecting. In frustration, you arrange another day and time with the subcontractor and sheepishly ask your (not so happy) boss again for time off work for the installation. The day arrives and the subcontractor returns and gets to work, scratching his head and looking perplexed every so often. He looks at his watch constantly and finishes the job remarkably quickly. You also can’t help noticing he’s left a bit of a mess behind.

A quick post-inspection installation reveals that your new security door is not properly aligned and it looks like the wrong screws have been used. You phone your security company and they tell you it’s not their problem and that you should chase it up with the subcontractor. You try and get hold of the subcontractor a few times and eventually he answers his phone (it seems you’ve caught him between beers down at the pub). He advises that he’ll fit you in…er … sometime next week. You realise you are going to have to ask your boss yet again for time off work! Your frustration and blood pressure levels are ready to shoot through the roof. You sit down next to your skew security door and cry.

Scenario #2: Davcon security installation team

When you first called Davcon, one of our security consultants would have visited you and done a detailed assessment of your home’s security needs. As part of this assessment, you would have been advised on things like how best to secure certain doors, windows and other areas in your home and related safety tips, such as how to plan an optimal exit strategy for your family in the case of a house-fire. As our consultant has already visited you and knows your home and security requirements, our installer knows exactly where you live and what to bring. He arrives right on time, with the correct security door and Davcon-standard tools and screws. He has obviously been highly trained in installation and looks like he knows precisely what he doing as he calmly goes about his business. You note that he is focused and thorough and does not check his watch once.

Upon completion of the job, he does a full quality control check and then talks you through the process and the product. You thank your Davcon installer and see him off with a smile and a wave. You note he’s left your home spotlessly clean. You look at your perfectly aligned new security door and feel rather satisfied. While back at work, your boss (who is very pleased that all went according to schedule and you are back on the job) asks you how your security door installation went and if you are happy with Davon. You smile and assure your boss that you are 100% happy with Davcon.

And that, in a nutshell, is why Davcon does not use subcontractors. We will leave it up to you to decide who you choose for your next security installation!

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