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Gone are the good old days of sleeping with your doors open; police have been warning the community to keep their doors locked around the clock due to the rise in sneak breaks.

What are sneak breaks?

Sneak breaks differ from break and enters because during a sneak break, the offender enters the premises through unlocked doors or open windows, often when the residents are home.

Sneak breaks can happen when you least expect it; when you step outside to hang clothes out to dry, when you’re watching T.V in another room, if you’re having a snooze on the couch or when you’re playing with the kids in the backyard. These are all times when a thief can quickly enter your house, and grab your easily-accessible belongings and be out the door before you’ve even realised that your home has been breached.

What are they after?

These brazen thieves committing sneak breaks are after easily portable items such as laptops, mobile phones, iPods, tablets, jewellery, cash, cigarettes, handbags, wallets and car keys.

Car keys are an especially popular item, as this makes stealing the resident’s car incredibly easy. (Driving away in a car also makes it easier to transport all of the other items they have taken!).

Police warning

Police are urging residents to ensure their doors and windows are secured even when they are home. Sneak breaks are crimes of opportunity; if a thief notices an easily accessible open window or an unlocked door, it’s a veritable invitation for them to sneak inside and see what they can quickly grab. “Take a look around your house and take measures to stop someone gaining easy entry to your home,” said Acting Inspector Anthony Graham, Patrol Services, North Brisbane Police District.

Easily solved

If you have Crimsafe security doors installed in your home, make sure they are locked and ensure any open windows are secured with Crimsafe security screens. If you have a home security alarm, ensure it is turned on. Confirm any ladders, wheelie bins or tools that may assist a thief gain entry to your home are safely secured.

Even if a thief does gain entry to your home, don’t make it easy for them. Avoid keeping your keys in an easily found place such as a key dish on the kitchen counter, or worse, on a key hook right next to the front door! Keep your handbag, wallet and phone out of site when you are home.

Stay Vigilant

Don’t become complacent with your security – stay vigilant, and take some simple measures to ensure you won’t fall victim to sneak breaks.

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