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Are you thinking about having security screens installed? Have you done the research yet can’t find a reliable price estimate? Well, there is a good reason for it. The best way to identify the price of installing security screens is to receive a quote. If not, it is inherently difficult to gauge the price. So much so, that the majority of security companies, including Davcon, ask to visit your home before providing a quote. In order for you to understand security pricing, we will go through the variables that affect the cost and show you just how convenient quotes can be.

Why Davcon provides a physical quote

Every Crimsafe product that Davcon installs into homes is custom build for that specific house. Custom making every product is the primary reason that Davcon provides potential clients with a physical quote. By physical quote we mean that our security specialists come to your home, take measurements, discuss with you your options and provide their recommendations. Therefore, due to all the products being custom made there is no standard price list. Ultimately, the cost per product is decided by a combination of factors and changes significantly from house to house.

Factors that contribute to price

As previously mentioned, the individual product price is determined by a combination of factors. The factors that impact the product pricing are as follows.

  • Height and width. The height and width of your current windows and doors, or the space you wish the windows or doors to occupy.
  • Product type. Davcon Security Screens offer a variety of security doors and security windows including serveries and S-S-Cape windows. We also offer patio enclosures and bi-fold door systems. The type of product you choose will be reflected in your quote and is one of the largest factors in the pricing.
  • Product range. Davcon Security Screens proudly offers both the Crimsafe Regular range and the Crimsafe Ultimate range. Essentially, the Crimsafe Ultimate range provides an extra level of security and sophistication in style. To better understand the differences between Crimsafe Regular and Crimsafe Ultimate products check out this article.
  • Colour. The last price influencing factor is the colour you choose for your products. However, this is the smallest influencer on the price.

Davcon provides convenient quotes

Due to the difficulty of providing random cost estimates and ballpark figures for potential clients, we offer a free, no-obligation quote for all interested parties. Not only are our quotes free and require no obligation to purchase, they are incredibly convenient and here’s why…

Our security experts provide useful advice and information about home security. At Davcon Security Screens, we understand not everyone wants to replace all their windows and doors at one time. So, an excellent feature of our quoting process is our security professional’s knowledge of which area of your house is of highest priority. The doors or windows that should get done to provide the highest security benefit for your home.

All quotes are itemised. Our security experts will measure all your windows and doors and provide an itemised price list. This means you can pick and choose what is affordable, at any time.

We can make exceptions if we have the right information. Davcon Security Screens understands home visits are not always optimal or desired. So, if you have an issue with a physical quote, we can provide you with a quote via email or through our website. There are a couple stipulations to this exception. Firstly, we need house plans or general sizes of your windows and doors in order to provide a quote. Secondly, the quote request must be made via email or the website, we do not provide quotes verbally over the phone.

Now you understand the cost of security screens and the factors that influence the pricing. If you have any questions regarding the cost of becoming ‘Crimsafe’ and how we provide quotes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff are always happy to answer any questions.

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