When you think of a security door, you might have an image of a thick, ugly door in your mind. But did you know that Crimsafe security doors come in different styles, colours and are even customisable? Crimsafe security doors can add to your home’s aesthetic with sleek, modern-looking doors. You don’t have to put up with your tired, old screen doors with holes in them any longer. Instead, why not replace your doors with durable, stylish and functional Crimsafe security doors?

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Types of security doors

Before you can decide which security door is best for you, you first need to consider the different types of doors available. There are three base designs in the Crimsafe security door range. The first type is hinged doors, and these are most commonly installed. The second type is sliding doors and the third type is bi-fold doors. Each style has its own list of special features and suitable applications, which we will take a look at below.


Hinged doors

Chances are that you already have regular hinged doors in your home – they are the most common type of door used in Australian houses. Hinged doors work well as front doors, back doors and of course interior doors. The hinged door is a familiar, tried and true system which opens and closes via hinges that run down one side of the door (the door jamb).

Hinged security doors are understandably Davcon’s most popular doors. They can be installed as a single door or, depending on the size of your space, as two hinged doors (French doors). For houses with a double sized front door, customers usually get two Crimsafe security doors installed. For day-to-day convenience, they generally keep one side (one hinged door) locked and move through the other single security door. It is common for people to leave their timber front doors open and keep the Crimsafe security doors locked, as this allows airflow while maintaining safety.

Hinge Crimsafe security door - Davcon security screens


Sliding doors

Sliding doors are used in many Brisbane homes, normally where the doorway spans a larger distance (e.g. where a hallway meets a living room), or when space is limited. Sliding doors are an excellent substitute for hinged doors when there isn’t enough space to swing a door open into a room.

ISliding doors are most commonly installed at the back or side of a house. The sliding doors installed at the back of a house often open onto a patio area or backyard, whereas the sliding doors installed at the side of the house usually open onto verandas. In Brisbane, it is particularly popular among Queenslanders to have sliding doors opening onto verandas, for ease of access and to improve airflow through the house.

Crimsafe security sliding doors are fantastic for securing your patio enclosure, and ensures that your home is safe from any invaders trying to enter your home via the veranda. Crimsafe patio enclosures are customisable, which means our security sliding doors can be built to suit any area necessary.

Sliding Crimsafe security door - Davcon security screens


Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a modern and practical way to separate living spaces or extend your home entertaining areas. Bi-fold doors are a great option for separating living areas in your home where the space is too large for a single or double door to be practical. Bi-fold doors give you the flexibility to separate and rejoin the spaces as needed. If you were to hold a party for example, being able to create a larger open space temporarily is ideal. Bi-fold doors are also excellent for connecting your indoor living spaces to your outdoor spaces, bringing the outside in. Crimsafe security screens can allow fresh air and ventilation while keeping the bugs out, which is perfect for Brisbane weather! Small bi-fold doors also provide a means of conserving space in rooms where sliding doors are impractical and there is no place for a door to slide.

Bi-fold Crimsafe security door - Davcon security screens



We hope you’ve learned more about Australia’s most popular types of doors, how they are used and how you can utilise Crimsafe security screens in your home. For any questions regarding hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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